About Cord

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My name is Cord and I am an audio engineer working in Nashville, TN.

I mainly work out of Gasoline Studios in Franklin, just down the road from Arrington Vineyards. As a graduate of Middle Tennessee State’s well known Recording Industry program, I moved to Nashville and started working with producer/writer/engineer Joe West and Gasoline Productions. On my own and together with Joe and Gasoline, I have worked on numerous projects spanning a huge range of genres including JIMMY WAYNE, JOE ZELEK, DAVE PAHANISH, SARAH MARINCE, and many more. Beyond just recording, I also take pride in my abilities to mix, edit, and master music of all kinds. Aside, from engineering, I have played drums and percussion all my life and have started stepping in the producer’s chair more recently. Please shoot me a message if you are interested in working with me or the studio and thanks again for reading.